Join the crew and the Captain on board The Williams II during their voyage round the coastline of Great Britain.  The voyage begins on Sunday 17th March 2019.

Regular updates throughout the voyage will be available on this page.

20th March 2019

By Clive Gray

All the crew were up at 2.15am and away at 3.00am in the dark. We experienced light winds all day and therefore had to the use the motor to sail into Grimsby at 7.30pm.

19th March 2019

By Clive Gray

The whole crew were up at 4.45am for a quick cuppa and rigging the lines to slip. We were away from the side at 5.45am with a whole gang of hardy well wishers to wave us off and take some remarkable dawn photos which were posted almost immediately!

18th March 2019

By Clive Gray

With the swell dying down, our morning was spent ringing ahead to Whitby, Grimsby and Lowestoft and recalculating the weeks sailing times to fit the tides for port entries.

17th March 2019

By Clive Gray

We were all ready for our big departure at 1pm on Sunday, until the Harbour Master and yacht club started recording (un-forecast) 60 mile an hour winds at the harbour entrance and very heavy swells.

16th March 2019

By Clive Gray

Our crew of 12 arrived during the afternoon and were duly kitted our with life jackets, waterproof salopettes and jackets and we completed all the necassary safety & orientation briefings.

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