Our Ship, Williams II was originally 'Haabet', Danish for "Hope", a suitable name for an inspirational project.


The Williams II was originally built in 1914 by L. Chrsitiansen of Roedvig in Denmark. She is twin skinned, oak on oak frames and is ketch rigged. With a length on deck of 23.86m and water line of 23.3m she is still, MCA standards, a boat. However when one considers her 75 tonnes, 2.6m draft and 6.7m width, with a large engine room, generator and fire and emergency pump on deck, as well as a 10m bowsprit and davits for a tender at the stern, one soon starts to think of her as a ship.

She spent the majority of her life as a Baltic Trader and a project is underway to weak out more of her previous life. In her last few years she has been mothballed at the Ring Anderson Yard in Svendborg having been recovered as bankrupt stock following a fall off in her corporate entertaining role and one of our jobs is to bring her back to a more operational sailing vessel.

You can follow the work on her through photographs here over the next few years as she undergoes a full refit in the loving hands of our apprentices, volunteers and ship builders.



Dry Docking For Plank Replacement






Blyth_Tall_Ship So that's how to repair a Marine Diesel engine chaps... @HLFNorthEast @NorthumbrianH2O https://t.co/1R9ukdCECB
Blyth_Tall_Ship Workshop strangely silent until 25th for our summer break. https://t.co/nDVt40TWx7
Blyth_Tall_Ship All tucked up in Grimsby. Great voyage & crew.👍@HLFNorthEast @HLFYandH @corneyandbarrow @NorthumbrianH2O https://t.co/eGMw4tWzYk
Blyth_Tall_Ship Farewell to Blyth and off to Grimsby for some below the water line work. @HLFNorthEast @HLFYandH https://t.co/pwuwnwEqYM
Blyth_Tall_Ship Chris Churchill gets a job using his new carpentry skills! @HLFNorthEast @TNLUK @NorthumbrianH2O @corneyandbarrow https://t.co/9Kn9k1JtpS