Blyth_Tall_Ship So that's how to repair a Marine Diesel engine chaps... @HLFNorthEast @NorthumbrianH2O
Blyth_Tall_Ship Workshop strangely silent until 25th for our summer break.
Blyth_Tall_Ship All tucked up in Grimsby. Great voyage & crew.👍@HLFNorthEast @HLFYandH @corneyandbarrow @NorthumbrianH2O
Blyth_Tall_Ship Farewell to Blyth and off to Grimsby for some below the water line work. @HLFNorthEast @HLFYandH
Blyth_Tall_Ship Chris Churchill gets a job using his new carpentry skills! @HLFNorthEast @TNLUK @NorthumbrianH2O @corneyandbarrow