Restoring, Recording, Sharing. 

The Blyth Tall Ship project is collecting shipping and maritime memorabilia from as far back as 200 years ago and the time of Captain William Smith and already has contributions from Port of Blyth and Newcastle University.

We now run a Maritime visitor experience and bistro on the quayside at Blyth called 'Blyth Boathouse' (visit, focused on Blyth’s past shipping glories and the growth of the Port, to inspire future generations to use their own adventurous spirit to play their part in the future prosperity of Blyth.

We offer training in archive work through our affiliation with Woodhorn Archive and funding from the HLF and have been let loose on the Port of Blyth Archive to build a picture of the past, meeting on a Tuesday at the heritage centre to explore, record and restore some fascinating artefacts, documents, photos and charts that have never been seen by the public before.

The end result isa number of mobile exhibition pieces to show alongside restored small boats from our workshop.

Skills of all types are needed, so if you have anything of interest that you would be willing to loan or give to the collection or if you are interested in getting involved with the archive work or helping us with events or welcoming people, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Blyth_Tall_Ship So that's how to repair a Marine Diesel engine chaps... @HLFNorthEast @NorthumbrianH2O
Blyth_Tall_Ship Workshop strangely silent until 25th for our summer break.
Blyth_Tall_Ship All tucked up in Grimsby. Great voyage & crew.👍@HLFNorthEast @HLFYandH @corneyandbarrow @NorthumbrianH2O
Blyth_Tall_Ship Farewell to Blyth and off to Grimsby for some below the water line work. @HLFNorthEast @HLFYandH
Blyth_Tall_Ship Chris Churchill gets a job using his new carpentry skills! @HLFNorthEast @TNLUK @NorthumbrianH2O @corneyandbarrow